pammy headshot.png

Pamela Jones, MS, APC

Associate Licensed Counselor

In life, every person deserves the opportunity to be known, valued, and experience the care and concern of another. Unconditional acceptance and compassion are essential components in my counseling and allow clients to openly share about their pasts and gain hope for the future. My goal in counseling is to provide a place where clients feel truly heard without fear of judgment. My approach is client centered with a strengths emphasis and a commitment to personal empowerment.
I have the ability to establish rapport and build trust with individuals from a wide variety of cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. I have experience with clients facing life challenges such as alcohol, drug, and opioid addictions, emotional health concerns, chronic medical conditions, life transitions, parenting and women’s issues. I take a wholistic approach in counseling incorporating a faith-based perspective and an emphasis on spirituality if a client so desires. In the midst of life’s storms, I provide a calm presence helping individuals develop coping strategies, build resilience, identify personal strengths and access support in their communities.